An Emotional Intelligence Toolbox

“Putting ‘tools’ in my children’s ‘toolbox’ to equip them with the skills and resources they need to navigate their own life has been a parenting goal since my daughters entered school. In retrospect, most of the tools I have focused on have been soft skills or people skills, which are defined as Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Since EQ has been introduced, taught, and studied, research has shown that success is far more dependent on one’s EQ than one’s IQ. This article by Bainbridge’s own, Marilyn Price-Mitchell, both defines EQ and gives parents and educators concrete examples (the best kind!) to help children fill their toolbox.”

Julie Davis, Youth Group Leader, Grace Episcopal Church

Emotional Intelligence: A Toolbox for Success

By Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD

Are you raising emotionally intelligent children? Is your child’s teacher building a culture of social and emotional intelligence in the classroom? What methods are working?

Emotional intelligence has become a popular term since Daniel Goleman authored his book with the same title in 1995. Several decades of research not only confirms the importance of teaching kids to understand and manage their emotions, but also suggests that emotional intelligence is predictive of



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How do you plan to integrate these ideas into your teaching and/or parenting? In what ways do you already fill your students’ or child’s EQ toolbox?