banner_funrunBe Your Self. Speak your Voice.

Nothing is more important to the Alliance than listening to youth and bringing your ideas to life in the work we do on behalf of all Island children. Bainbridge students play an essential role in the leadership of the Alliance through their work on the Teen Council and are also represented on the Leadership Council, the governing body of the Alliance. Teens help organize, lead, and contribute to community events and play vital roles in improving the culture of their schools.

Teens who join and work on behalf of the Alliance understand that the culture of our community is not solely dependent on adults or institutions. Recognizing their own roles in supporting peers, mentoring younger children, and making positive change in their schools, teen members commit to the following actions:

  • Participate in at least one Alliance or partner-sponsored event during the year.
  • Foster the abilities in The Compass Advantage with your peers and younger children every day. Ask help from others to foster them in yourself.
  • Adopt and practice the principles outlined in My Student Promise, a response to My Aspiration, a BHYA Teen Council-inspired vision statement! (Links to these documents coming in early 2016!)


Need Support?

If you are a teen seeking help or emotional support, Bainbridge Youth Services is there for you. Try