photo 4Bainbridge Families Rock!

Parents, grandparents, guardians, and other adults who influence the lives of children and teens are a critical part of the Alliance. Families were part of our beginning conversations. They helped shape our mission and determined our organizing framework.

What families do at home plays a huge role in developing healthy and thriving children. But families also understand the need to be effective partners with their children’s schools and the many after-school and community programs where children learn and grow.

Building these family, school, and community partnerships is a major goal of the Alliance. Families who join the Alliance believe that change evolves through learning and collaboration, and have committed to the following actions:

  • Attend two Alliance or partner-sponsored parenting events during the year that focus on developing healthy youth. (Many parenting events are sponsored by Raising Resilience, one of our founding partners.)
  • Cultivate abilities in children every day, guided by The Compass Advantage framework for positive youth development.
  • Adopt and practice the principles outlined in My Parenting Promise,  a response to My Aspiration, a BHYA Teen Council-inspired vision statement! (Links to these documents coming in early 2016!)

While many individuals are also Alliance sponsors, there is no financial obligation to join the Alliance as a family member. That’s because we understand that success takes much more than money. To impact the culture of how our community nurtures youth, it takes a village of relationships.

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Together, we can positively impact the lives of Bainbridge children and teens!