12 Ways to Foster Curiosity

“Working at KiDiMu, each day I have the joy of watching young faces light up with the thrill of discovering something new or mastering something previously out of their reach. Curiosity is innately part of our hard wiring, yet also needs to be nurtured and supported as we grow up. Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD has great ideas on helping Bainbridge kids, “our” kids, become curious, lifelong learners.”

Susie Burdick, Executive Director, Kids Discovery Museum

Twelve Ways to Foster Curiosity

by Marilyn Price Mitchell, PhD

Intellectual curiosity and learning go hand in hand. But let’s be honest…

Curiosity isn’t what most of us first think about when it comes to our children’s education. We want our kids to do well in school so we usually focus on external measurements of learning and academic success — grades. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

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What do you do to show your kids that you value the process of learning at least as much as the product of learning, such as test scores?