From Dialogue to Action

Harnessing the momentum of the Healthy Youth Summits, the Bainbridge Healthy Youth Alliance was officially formed in July 2014 as a collaborative partnership of adult and teen advocates working together to support the healthy development of all Bainbridge children and youth.

Our approach is preventative and strengths-based. We aim to reduce unhealthy outcomes for youth by cultivating core abilities that help kids succeed beyond grades and test scores.

We chose The Compass Advantage as the organizing framework for the Alliance because it is an actionable lens through which we impact healthy youth development. When we act intentionally to develop the core abilities in the compass, we prepare kids for successful and fulfilling adulthood’s. We enable young people to become the pilots of their own lives.

The Compass Advantage model was developed by island resident, Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell, and introduced at our first Summit. Marilyn is a developmental psychologist and researcher in the field of positive youth development


© Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD

The eight interconnected abilities of the compass —curiosity, sociability, resilience, self-awareness, integrity, resourcefulness, creativity, and empathy—are research-proven drivers of personal, academic, career, and life success.

Nurturing the eight compass abilities not only helps young people thrive from childhood through adolescence, but also helps them grow into resilient, caring, engaged and contributing adults capable of effecting positive change for themselves and the world.

You can learn more about the compass abilities and how families, schools, and communities impact their development by downloading a free handout: The Compass Advantage: Eight Pathways to Every Child’s Success.

Dr. Price-Mitchell also writes exclusively about these abilities at Roots of Action, a website for parents, teachers, and mentors.