Beyond the Report Card

Cultivating What Matters 

October, 2016 – May, 2017

kidsjumping Photo by Pete Saloutos


Join the Healthy Youth Alliance as we embark on an 8 month learning adventure together. Our intention is to spark conversations and share practices that promote the internal strengths kids need to thrive. Sign up on the right side of this page with your name and email  to receive weekly updates with links to relevant articles, podcasts and videos and join the conversation.


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  • Read selected data from the most recent Healthy Youth Survey.
  • Hear a local teen share her experience of growing up on Bainbridge.
  • Learn more about the Alliance.
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What is the “Beyond the Report Card” Campaign about? 

Each month we will share weekly postings with practical tips on fostering one of eight core inner abilities that research shows are important to positive youth development. Called The Compass Advantage framework, these are the internal strengths kids need to navigate from within, from their own inner compass, becoming the pilot of their own lives.

These strengths allow youth to grow into adults able to creatively respond to the career and life challenges they inevitably will face along the way to their own goals. These internal strengths generally don’t show up on a report card, yet are vital for growing capable, confidant and caring youth and adults.

Below, learn more about the The Compass Advantage framework, created by developmental psychologist and researcher, Marilyn Price Mitchell, PhD.

creativity empathy curiosity sociability resilience self integrity resourcefulness Image Map

Children and adults discover heartfelt meaning and direction in life when they develop strong internal compasses. This guidance system is formed during childhood and adolescence, through relationships and life experiences—and continues to evolve throughout life.

Click on any of of the 8 icons above for tips, quotes and conversations starters. Explore more compass-related articles by Dr. Marilyn Price Mitchell or read her free ebook, Redefining Success.

We designed this campaign because, like you, we know that parenting and supporting youth is not an easy job.  Most of us could use a little support and help along the way.

The Beyond the Report Card: Cultivating What Matters Campaign includes:

  • Overview booklet available in hard copy or digital format.
  • Our new blog, “Cultivating What Matters”, including weekly posts with links to relevant articles. Sign up at right to receive weekly updates.
  • Weekly Facebook postings. Join us on Facebook!
  • Monthly Podcasts through Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.
  • Guest lecturer, Michele Borba PhD. on Wednesday, 11/9/16, 7:30pm at BHS Commons.   Author of Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in an All About Me World.  Brought to you by Raising Resilience and co-sponsored by the Alliance.
  • Bainbridge premier of the movie, Resilience in January, 2017.  An acclaimed documentary about the neuroscience of resilience and the impact of childhood toxic stress.
  • Compass Advantage Handouts and other resources.

What is the Bainbridge Healthy Youth Alliance?

Hear from Alliance co-chairs, Marina Cofer-Wildsmith and Anne Blair what this community effort is all about.

Read about our leadership, aims and mission.  More than 30 organizational partners are onboard- now we need you!