Youth Voices Matter

From the beginning of our initial summit gatherings, we learned how vital youth are to the success of the Alliance. Teens took leadership and facilitation roles in the summits, shared feelings about growing up on Bainbridge Island, and contributed ideas for change. As an outgrowth of our shared conversations, the BHYA Teen Council was formed, with representatives from our local schools. The Teen Council is a voting member of the Leadership Council and its members participate fully in Leadership Council meetings.

2016-2017 Teen Council Members

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  • Madeline Swietlik
  • Emma Russell
  • Lindsay Franznick
  • Noelle Lipschutz
  • Erica Sprott
  • Garrett Aichele
  • Lauren Quesada
  • Julia Footh
  • Avery Johnson
  • Rose Bandrowski
  • Adrian Mander
  • Maya Nathan
  • Noah Coltani